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What is a Conical Inductor?


Off-the-shelf “flying lead” and surface mount broadband conical inductors, Figure 1 andFigure 2, are a special type of broadband RF choke that are used to filter radio frequency (RF) and microwave frequency interference from electronic circuits. At high freq…

What is an LC Filter?


An LC filter combines inductors (L) and capacitors (C) to form low-pass, high-pass, multiplexer, band-pass, or band-reject filtering in radio frequency (RF) and many other applications. Passive electronic LC filters block, or reduce, noise (EMI) from circuits …

A Guide to AEC-Q200 Qualified Components


Coilcraft offers a wide range of off-the-shelf inductive components engineered to withstand extreme heat and cold. Most of them meet the stringent quality standards of AEC-Q200 and are suitable for use in harsh automotive environments. Automotive applications …

What is a gate drive transformer?


Current through a MOSFET between drain and source is controlled by a drive voltage applied to the MOSFET gate. In switching power supplies a pulsed gate drive voltage turns the drain-source current on and off, operating the MOSFET as a current switch. Gate dri…